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    Meditation Cushion - Meditation Pillow Zafu

    When you introduce a meditation cushion, meditation pillow or zafu to your practice, you will experience many of the benefits that they have to offer. The first most obvious benefit is the comfort factor! You can easily meditate for as long as you like when seated on one of our comfortable meditation cushions. The firmness is adjustable through adding or removing the buckwheat hulls from the zipper access panel on the bottom, making sure you have the right support level for you.

    A meditation cushion can help to make your practice much more effective, as you’ll be more comfortable and able to meditate with fewer physical distractions. Proper hip elevation and tilt will also improve your energy flow, helping you to get more out of your meditation session.

    Our meditation cushions are high quality, configurable and comfortable as well as stylish. 

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