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    Wrist Mala Bracelets

    Mala bracelets, also known as wrist malas are similar to traditional mala beads, except they use just 21 beads on a string, as opposed to the usual 108 beads. They are perfect for a shorter meditation practice and for those who enjoy wearing malas on their wrists.

    Our mala bracelets are made using different semi precious stones and wood beads, all extremely high quality and handmade to a high standard. Whether you’re looking for a gemstone that will help you to strengthen your intuition and open your third eye, or a stone that will help to keep you grounded, there’s a mala bracelet for you.

    Some people prefer to use their intuition when selecting their wrist mala, and simply pick the one that calls to them the most. If a bracelet seems more attractive to you than others, for whatever reason, it will usually be what you need at this time in your life. Learning how to trust your intuition is key!