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    Seed and Wood Mala Beads

    Our wood mala beads necklaces and yoga necklaces are made from a variety of high quality wood, bone or seed materials. Wood malas are slightly different in their energetic profile than gemstone malas. They are able to absorb energies more easily, which means over time and with regular use of wood or seed mala beads, they will collect more and more of your spiritual energy to assist you in your meditation or yoga practice.

    Be sure to check the energetic and supportive properties on each wood mala beads or yoga necklace product page for more info on how they can help you in your practice.

    Fast & Free Shipping For All US Based Orders. International Shipping: $5 To Canada - $10 Everywhere Else. Most Orders Ship The Same Day.

    90 Day warranty: We will restring for free if it breaks from normal usage during the first 90 days of ownership.

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