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    Mala beads are also referred to as meditation beads, mantra beads or Buddhist prayer beads. Full malas are a string of 108 beads in total, along with a guru bead.

    While essential for mantras and counting, the use of your meditation beads is not limited to those practices alone. Wearing your mala bead necklace also provides a layer of energetic support depending on the materials that go into them. Some mala beads are more energetic while others may have more of a grounding effect. Be sure to check out the description of each mala to see their properties and help determine what may be most beneficial for you.

    Not only can mala beads be artistically beautiful, but each mala beads necklace has its own presence or energy based on the materials that go into them that can assist us in our meditation practice.

    This along with the physical process of using a meditation mala through mantras or counting the beads or even the physiological trigger of picking them up or wearing them can be an essential tool to help us reach a deeper state of meditation during our practice and provide a positive impact on our life.

    Wrist Mala bracelets are a more portable version of meditation mala beads. You can wear your mala bracelet wherever you go as a reminder of your spiritual connection as well as have them close at hand for use with mantras and counting.

    They can also be seen as a yoga jewelry item which can be used  in either a spiritual or fashionable way while doing yoga. Mala bracelets are a beautiful addition to your spiritual lifestyle for many reasons.

    Every mala beads necklace and mala bracelet we offer is thoughtfully designed and created with the highest quality materials, genuine gemstones and authentic woods.

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